Aug 13, 2014

Oh Good Lord DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow is promoting the first release of his new Liquid Amber label, Liquid Amber EP. The EP is delicious and features a Machinedrum remix that is not to be missed. But more importantly, one track is getting a free release. 

Ghost Town is everything you want from a DJ Shadow track, so don’t hang about.

You can download Ghost Town from, here.

Jul 28, 2014

Oh Good Lord thumping house

Jul 25, 2014

Oh Good Lord, I’m a fibber

I’m a naughty, I tell fibs.

I promised another podcast before I left China, and this turned out to be a fib. I ended up accidentally sending my studio in a bag to Sydney; bit of a boo boo.

Whilst you wait perilously close to the edge of your seat for Oh Good Lord #12, satisfy yourselves with some delicious freebies.

1) Don’t Get Gassed by NEVERMIND FT. FOOTSIE

As grimey as the floor I’m staying on until I find somewhere to live in Sydney. This Trouble & Bass release comes with a stamp of approval from the ever bossing it Plastician.

2) Losing U by Chrome Sparks

Beautiful progression and soulful vocals make this an emotional affair.

3) YRMT Ft. I am Kaiju by Howie Lee

Having featured Howie Lee on the podcast before, I’ve been on the look out for more. This one is a wee bit older, but it slipped right through my fingers and I couldn’t have that happen to you. Wait for the “boom boom boom”. (Free download via soundcloud page)

May 27, 2014

Oh Good Lord #11

Oh Good Lord is the podcast all about free music.

All the tracks you hear on the show are available to download for the grand price of nothing. Artists want you to listen to their music, they want you to have it, so take what is yours and claim these freebies.

This month, my penultimate show from China, we have a spectacular calibre of music with tracks from Melo X, Hudson Mohawke, Om Unit, Four Tet and even a cheeky bonus track from Kaytranada.

You can stream the podcast below or alternatively, you can subscribe on iTunes.


1) Party Animal by Gucci Mane (Hudson Mohawke remix)

2) Feel It by DJ Haus

3) I Love You by Cheri Coke (Melo-X God remix)

4) Drop the Game by Flume and Chet Faker (The Golden Pony remix)

5) Human Abstract by Om Unit

6) One Time For by Rome Fortune (produced by Four Tet)

7) AM System by American Men (Hudson Mohawke remix)

Bonus tracks:

1) Happy by Pharell Williams (Kaytranada edit)

2) ^Highly recommended album^ Supreme Laziness by The Celestics

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Oh Good Lord free music


Apr 28, 2014

Oh Good Lord #10

Oh Good Lord is the podcast all about free music.

Everything you hear can be downloaded for the grand price of nothing; which is pretty cheap, no matter what your income. All the tracks have been released by record labels and artists to promote music; they want you to have it. Oh Good Lord is here to show you the very best that free music has to offer you.

This month, after a long absence, OGL has carefully selected some extra special tasty free morsels for you. Tracks from All About She, Mr. Carmack and a couple of very cheeky remixes of some artists that you might just have heard of, sure to bring a smile to your face.

You can listen to the podcast below via SoundCloud, or alternatively, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here. All the download links can be found below.

Be sure to follow me on Tumblr, Twitter and SoundCloud for all the latest updates.

Tracklisting and download

1) Eddie Beatz - Bong (Howie Lee Edit)

2) All About She - Remedy

3) TÂCHES - Malindi

4) Freeform Five ft. Roisin Murphy - Leviathan (Beatless Mix)

5) Losco - Wiggle

6) Haan808 - Love Nothing (AbJo x Mr. Carmack Remix)

7) Kelis - Trick Me (Amin Payne Remix)

8) Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Autograf Remix)


Losco - Soulection White Label 007 (EP)

Oh Good Lord free music.

Apr 9, 2014

Oh Good Lord Filling in the Blanks


Although Oh Good Lord has been quiet of late, don’t be fooled into assuming that the free music radar has been switched off. As OGL emerges from its hibernation in the chilly Chinese East, it brings with it a selection of the friskiestly fabulous freebies over the past months to fill in any blanks that its absence might have caused.

Oh Good Lord proudly presents 11 of the finest free tracks for you to sink your ear teeth into.

1) Four Tet - Ever Never (The Ninetys Remix)

The Ninetys has been busting out some brilliant remixes over the past few months and this one, celebrating 1,000,000 listens on SoundCloud, is a belter. With a low end that made me think of the infamous brown noise that makes you go potty when you hear it, it’s a short a sweet tune, not amazingly special, but very well done.

2) Disclosure - White Noise (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Attempts to discredit this remix as secretly only a mash up have not turned me off to this catchy as hell happy house production. 

3) CAPSUN - Night Crush

A bassy number from CAPSUN here that’s pulled support from the likes of Diplo and Plastician.

4) Henrie Texier - Les Lebas (Bonobo remix)

Bonobo, enough said. A thumping rhythm with all the hall marks of a summer anthem. Just waiting for the summer now.

5) Lauryn Hill  - Doo Wop (Mikos remix)

Brilliant use of a brilliant sample makes this tune an absolute winner that’s racked up a tonne of plays in my ITunes. Free Lauryn Hill remixes seem to be a winner, see Pedestrian & Maribou State’s attempt from last year.

6) Pedestrian & Jasperdrum - BEATAMAX

Ever since accidentally being called out by Pedestrian for accidentally calling him Pavement in my last blogging role (sorry Chew the Fat) Pedestrian has been firmly on my radar. Consistently fantastic productions, a great live DJ and often free, Pedestrian is one to watch. 

7) Gorgon City - No More

Released to promote their ‘Welcome to Gorgon City’ tour, No More is a poppy house number with a catchy bass line and catchier vocals that is sure to have you shaking your booty. Not guaranteed to be free for ever so make sure you snap this one up asap.

8) Lizbet Sempa - Epiphany

Although strangely sitting amongst some what more electronic tunes on this list, Lizbet Sempa’s Epiphany is beautifully written with fantastic lyrics and well worth your time.

9) R Kelly - Legs Shakin’ (Promnite Remix)

This chap is absolutely killing it on the remix front, get yourself along to his Facebook page sharpish and help yourself to all of his bounteous freebies on offer. There are many to be had.

Edit. Just missed this one, but there are many more on his Facebook page

10) A. G. Cook - Keri Baby

Could this be a glimpse into the future of pop? Crass and kitsch; it is definitely a grower, but once it has grown it is painfully addictive.

11) Colo - The View From Nowhere (Monokle remix)

A spacy number with ghostly vocals to finish the list. A tune that grows into something special and keeps you entertained at every turn. Monokle has done a stella job with this remix to bring you something a little bit different.

Right, now that we’re all caught up. Stay tuned for the next podcast. Not long to wait now.

Oh Good Lord Free Music

Jan 14, 2014

Oh Good Lord #9 with bells on


The Oh Good Lord podcast is all about free music. All the music you hear on the show is absolutely, entirely, totally, 100% legitimately free. The tracks have been released by record labels, artists and blogs to promote music, so take what is yours and get your hands on these freebies.

There is so much free music on the internet and my job is to pick some highlights for you; and this week is no exception. Christmas time and New Years is always accompanied by festive freebie feelings in the music industry and this year has been no exception. 
Music from Rustie, Maya Jane Coles, Maribou State, Mr. Carmack and many, many more, though this week, unfortunately, there is no cheeky cheesy remix.

You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes or below.

Also free this week but not on the show is loads of music from Terrorhythm, Lucky Me and Royskopp.

Follow me on Twitter: @hoakinnear 

Track listing and download links

'Liar' by Audego

'Mandarin Oranges' by Little Simz & Waldo

'Scarlett Groove (Maribou Edit) by Maribou State

'Dreamer' by Maya Jane Coles

'You Love Me' by Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo

'Terra Star' by Rustie

'Ebiza' by Champions League

'reputation' by Mr Carmack

Other free downloads

Terrorhythm Records ‘Turquoise’ album

'2013' by Royskopp

Oh Good Lord free music

Dec 17, 2013

Oh Good Lord Lucky Me

Lucky Me, the Glasgow record label, is gifting us with probably the best advent calender of free music in the world right now.

It’s day 17 and they’ve just released a Rustie freebie. 

Quick sticks, who’s to say it’ll be free for ever.

Dec 1, 2013

Oh Good Lord MallardMusic

Oh Good Lord free music!

Introducing Mallard Music, AKA Anton Anderson, hailing from Sweden. Whilst there isn’t a whole lot of stuff to go on as of yet, there’s clearly a talent for making interesting sounds. 

One to watch.

Nov 29, 2013

Oh Good Lord #7+1


The Oh Good Lord podcast is all about free music.

Everything you hear is legitimately, 100%, entirely available for free.

Artists and record labels have released these tracks and they want you to listen and download them; so take what is yours!

Apologies for the long absence, but moving to China to start a new job took up a lot of time. But, I am back and better than ever with more free music.

This week sees music from The Ninetys, GANZ and London singer BB James as well as some cheeky remixes of Destiny’s Child and Marvin Gaye, definitely not to be missed.

Follow me on SoundCloud and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest in free music.

You can even follow the podcast on ITunes.

Tracklisting and download links:

'Tucker' by UNKNWN

'Hippie Sabotage (Tove Lo Flip)' by Stay High

'Bugaboo (GANZ flip) by GANZ

'Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops' by Electric Mantris

'I Wanna Be a Loser' by BB James

'Perfect Storm - Cyrll Hahn (The Ninetys Remix)' by The Ninetys

'Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye (Kygo Remix)  by Kygo

Oh Good Lord free music!

#OhGoodLord #OGL

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